Walking through a leftover wonderland

Christmas is a time for family and friends, the giving of gifts, and eating yourself in to a food coma. Well, the last part may not entirely be the objective, however, some do prefer a little nap after eating.

Yet, no matter how much we eat on Christmas day, there is usually still enough leftovers to feed an army for quite some time. There is only so much chicken, turkey, ham and prawns we can eat until we never want to see them again.

Here are some sandwich recipes we believe you can use to help reduce the amount of leftovers in your fridge:


Cuban Turkey and Ham Sandwich

cuban turkey 


Mix together red wine vinegar, olive oil and crushed garlic, then drizzle over a slice of bread*. Top with slices of ham, turkey, Jarlsberg cheese, pickles and tomato (optional). Close sandwich with another slice of bread, then place in a sandwich press and toast. Cut in half and share, or not.


Roast Beef, Mustard and Rocket Sandwich

roast beef 

Whisk together a tablespoon of seeded mustard with a dash of sour cream and spread across a piece of bread*. Layer with rocket, sliced roast beef and drizzle more sauce. Can be toasted or eaten as is.


Roast Lamb, Tomato Chutney and Herb Sandwich

roast lamb 


Spread tomato chutney across two slices of bread**, then layer with slices of lamb, sprinkle some mint and parsley, and top with butter lettuce leaves.


Christmas Roast Turkey and Stuffing Sandwich

roast turkey 


Spread cranberry sauce over bread**, then layer with slices of turkey, stuffing, rocket leaves and caramelised onions.


When it comes to the bread* for the above recipes, you may want to try our Mini Ciabatta (perfect for gatherings), Sourdough Rolls, Sandwich Ciabatta, Panini Rosemary (extra flavour), Rosemary and Garlic Batard and our Gluten Free Pre-Sliced White Bread. You can view all these breads under our ‘Specialty’ page on our website here.


On behalf of everyone at Bakers Maison, we wish you all the best for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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