The many faces of turkish bread

When it comes to bread, it’s sometimes hard to see anything but the sandwich as its ultimate use. Therefore, if bread has only one use, why are there so many different varieties available? In this blog we are taking a look at Turkish Bread, and how versatile the one loaf can be.





Ok, so it’s a cheap move, but let’s face it, a sandwich is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bread, and Turkish Bread is no different. The filling depends on your preference and you can change it up whenever you get bored. So, apart from bread being known for its sandwich application, what other uses does it have?



Turkish Bread Bruschetta

When you have a bread that’s too crusty, it can fall apart after biting. With Turkish Bread, it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of the filling, yet soft enough that it won’t crumble to pieces after your customer takes a bite.

A traditional bruschetta has tomato, basil, olive oil but you can re-imagine this dish however you please. We’re thinking roast pumpkin and caramelised onion, or salami, feta, and olives.





The Middle Eastern equivalent to baked beans, spiced with capsicum, paprika and turmeric. The egg is baked right in to the middle of the dish, which is usually served at brunch, and begs to have some tasty Turkish Bread dipped in to its flavour infused depths.





Garlic Bread

While the preferred bread for garlic bread was a French Stick, Turkish Bread has been making its way in to restaurants as a delicious choice. With a greater surface area, it means you will be able to add more herbed garlic butter to your bread, giving it more flavour. The chewy texture and bubble-ridden face will send your customer’s hunger into a frenzy. Who doesn’t want that?





Crackers, water crackers, bread sticks, etc… no matter how you look at it, they are either too thin, flaky, weak or just small. Who hasn’t dipped a cracker in to a dip that has slightly more resistance than melted butter, only to come away with a snapped cracker and no dip?

With Turkish Bread you can not only serve a decent amount of dip, but it’s strong enough to accommodate other pieces, like some delicious cured meats.

There really are so many uses beyond the sandwich for Turkish Bread, it just takes a little imagination. 

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