Rise of the Croissant

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In typical French tradition, a day's old croissant is more often than not turned into a brand new sugared almond croissant by adding a layer of frangipane, sprinkling with confectioner's sugar, and re-baked.  

This tradition and the excitement of on-the-go consumers have pushed Bakers Maison to developed a Croissant range that caters to the markets ongoing love and need of “fast food” with a French twist.

With always changing trends such as the Cronut, Pretzel Croissant and Cruffins, Bakers Maison has decided to keep things simple, classic and yet innovating.

Being one of a few fully baked & frozen wholesalers of croissant in Australia, they’ve reached for Filled Almond & Filled Hazelnut croissants.


With the new lines being only 60g (25g less than your average croissant) it assures its place as a quick yet satisfying on-the-go breakfast or snack. The 2 delicious flavours, Almond or Hazelnut are timeless and always come out on top as a crowd-pleaser.

Since released, the Filled Croissants by Bakers Maison have won over the tastebuds of Australians. During the Fine Food Trade Show of September 2019, the Almond Filled Croissant was chosen as a finalist for the 2019 Best New Bakery Product Award.

Who knows what wonderful creations are yet to be revealed in this ever-developing industry but one thing is sure, the modesty and versatility of croissants will always be in fashion and in demand.

Need information about Bakers Maison and our Filled Croissants? Contact us via our social media or via email at info@bakersmaison.com.au

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