Technology upgrades for the baking industry


Like every other manufacturing sector, baking continually faces challenges and competition to stay relevant and become more efficient. Aside from business and community pressures, there are also environmental pressures as well.

Once an industry that focused on the manual ‘hands-on’ approach, where the only way to increase production was to get up earlier and work longer hours, now, the baking industry has embraced technology.

From industrial sized ovens and large provers, to mixers and pourers, technology has gone so far as to ensure consistency in size through laser measuring devices, which allows for precise measurements to be programmed in for quality control.

However, whenever a new piece of technology is developed for the baking industry, or the food service production industry in general, four major considerations are taken in to account:

  • Food Safety – Facilities need to make sure that new machinery does not pose a potential threat to the food it is producing. Contamination through ingredients, multiple use and foreign objects in the food are all areas of food safety taken into consideration.
  • Employee Health & Safety – Does the new machine present any possible safety concerns? When a new piece of equipment is added to the current process, there is always a training element that needs to be taken in to consideration. Not only will it make sure those operating the machine know what they are doing, but will also operate it in a safe manner, reducing risks to themselves and those around them.
  • Sustainability – More focusing on the environmental impact, baking facilities need to consider how much energy their equipment uses, whether or not there are high yield consumables that need to be taken in to consideration, and any other possible impacts their facilities and equipment may have on the environment and their carbon footprint.
  • Doing more with less – With the introduction of automated processes, consistency has become the norm as opposed to the standard of excellence. This has led to businesses being able to greatly reduce ‘human error’, with the flow-on effect being reduced wastage in ingredients as well as products.

At Bakers Maison, we are always looking for better ways of doing things through technology. We have been able to greatly reduce our carbon footprint through the installation of solar panels on our factory roof, and have been able to increase production and reduce waste due to the recent multi-million dollar investment into our production facilities, which includes a larger capacity freezer for storage.

We fully embrace rolling up our sleeves and getting elbows deep in experimenting with new recipes, but when it comes to safety, wastage and consistency, we feel it’s best to have a trusted process in place. Yet one of the biggest advantages we see in integrating the latest in food production technology, is being able to keep the famous Bakers Maison quality and taste consistent.

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