How To Maintain Fresh Bread


The shelf life varies from one type of bread to another. Here’s a couple of tips and trick to get the best from your loaves of bread!

For your typical thin Baguette style loaves, it’s at it’s best for 6 hours. The baguette is a "Have it now" loaf to consume fairly quickly. You can enjoy its crunchy crust and soft mellow inside within 6 hours after purchase. For wholemeal, Rye & Sourdough, 2 days at least! Thanks to the types of flours used and the method of kneading, these loaves of bread have a very dense dough. If kept in good conditions, it can be enjoyed within the next two days.

How to maintain freshness?

The answer is simple: airtight. Once at home, put your bread safe from air, in a clean tea towel, a fabric bread bag or a bread box.

FREEZING: What you need to know:

Freeze bread when it's fresh, that's how you assure the same consistency! But what is the correct way to freeze loaves of bread?

Place the bread loaf, slices or croutons in a freezer bag. Keep the slices well glued to each other. Then, chase the air by following the outline of the bread and seal your bag airtight!

THAWING: What you need to know:

For a bread loaf, the simplest is ambient air! Take out the bread out of the freezer bag and let thaw at ambient temperature.

To have a hot and crispy bread to eat right away place the bread after thawing 3 to 4 minutes in the oven at 200°C.

How to bring life back to thawed slices of bread:
Defrost only the amount of slices you need: 2 or 3 slices, separated them from each other with a knife.

For the thinner toasts: put them directly in the toaster at the high-intensity setting: they will defrost and grill at the same time. Ideal for breakfast! For thicker slices: place them in the toaster pressing the "defrost" button or by adjusting the intensity at minimum. Perfect for any mealtime.

And never EVER put your frozen breads in the microwave - it will soften and a few moments later harden the bread!

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