How has Croissants & coffee become embedded in Australians habits?

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Coffee has buzzed its way in the heart of Australians: polls show that it is their favourite drink, just after water.
But how has coffee become such an important drink in our Australian culture?

Around 93% of Australians are gourmands who like to enjoy a croissant or a sweet treat with their coffee.

So how was coffee introduced in Australia?

According to the National Geographic, coffee came to Australia on the first fleet in 1788, but as traditional tea drinkers, it would be almost a century before coffee became part of Australian culture.

Moving into the 1870s, coffee became popular due to the fashionable rise of Parisian coffee shops and the lobbying of the Temperance Movement, a movement of Christian women in Melbourne who protested anti-social drunken behaviour.  This female-led movement managed to force pubs to close at 6 pm, paving the way for the quick and easy success of the city’s coffee palaces. The coffee palaces were ornate and became the social grounds of Australian society, the trend quickly spreading to other cities like Sydney.

What place does coffee hold for Australians, today?

The love of coffee is strong in Australia, with more than one in four (27%) indicating they cannot survive the day without it, and 9 in 10 (88%) stating they like it to some extent.
Australia’s younger generations have a greater dependency on coffee, with around a third needing it to survive the day (33% Gen Y and 30% Gen X). By comparison, the Builders generation are the most likely to see coffee as something nice to have but don’t need it (45%).

We also don’t mind paying for what we love, with more than four in five Australians (84%) spending money on coffee in an average week.

Why coffee with a croissants?

The only other thing you need with your large cup of coffee is freshly baked hot croissant in which to quickly dunk it. Where extra butter from that delicious pastry adds a new layer of luxurious creaminess, coffee offers an earthy, complimentary bitter contrast while intensifying the sweetness of the croissant. It gives the croissant a new, deeper resonance. Alternate the two (buttered chunk, then dunk) and a croissant becomes a true breakfast classic.


Drinking coffee with a croissant is a habit that is now part of the routine of a very large part of the Australian population. With european culture of sweet breakfast on the rise, Bakers Maison is proud to shine it’s lights on the new Filled croissant range which includes a mouthwatering Almond filled croissant with crispy almond flakes on top and a sweet nutty Hazelnut filled croissant topped with textured hazelnut meal.

These new filled croissants are simply irresistible to go with any occasion whether it’s grabbing breakfast to go or catching up with close ones at a French-style terrace.  

Find out more about our newest Filled Croissants and our rich tasting coffee at our Clarence St Café in Sydney CBD or alternatively contact us on 02 8707 7777 to request your very own sample.

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