For The Love Of Bread

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People and bread, a beautiful love story that has been going on for years. Bread occupies a predominant place on our tables, it is even inseparable from our daily lives as of 1 in 2 Australians confesses not to be able to do without it. 

95% of consumers are satisfied with the bread they buy, so no way to do without it. It must be said that there is a wide variety of bread, so it is difficult to resist and in fact, Australians have consumed 8 different types of bread over the last 3 months.

However, breads will not necessarily be bought every day, since freezing is a common practice for 54% of consumers. Fresh bread can be enjoyed a few days later! And if it becomes too hard, too soft, too stale, the bread can access its second life. Indeed, it will turn into a delicious French toast or pudding (37% of cases), be soaked in soup (29%) or feed animals (43%).

On the tasting side, 47% of people appreciate it "moderately cooked". Artisan bakers, on the other hand, recommend tasting it well cooked. But bread is also a much-appreciated a vessel, 6 out of 10 people say they have eaten at least one sandwich, hot or cold, in the last 7 days.

Bread is a product synonymous with conviviality and exchange between guests. It is therefore appreciated by 69% of cases at friends or relatives at a dinner or a party. But also, 64% of the people enjoy good breads in restaurants and 57% in the open air, during a picnic.

At Bakers Maison, we clearly are passionate about bread and how we deliver it to customers in the best way possible. With such high standards of quality, service and authenticity, our breads are an obvious choice. And the convenience of our products makes them a stand-out option for any business owner looking to avoid waste and optimise their spend on bread products. 

Need information about Bakers Maison and our love for breads? Contact us via our social media or via email at info@bakersmaison.com.au

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