Food Waste: We say STOP!


Bread, fruits, vegetables, meat ... Every day, consumable products are thrown in the garbage, a total average of 20 kilos per year. At a time when the government and actors in the food chain go to war against food waste, it is decided: we too, say stop!

To waste less, why is it necessary?
Waste presents environmental, ethical and economic issues that are too often neglected. So, to reduce the impact of waste, it is necessary to better understand the situation to, therefore, act differently and change our behaviour. 

Environmental consequences of food waste consist of but are not limited to these factors:

  • Increase in greenhouse gases (3 kg of gas emitted per meal)
  • Excessive water consumption (production, processing, food preparation)
  • Unnecessary expenditure at all levels of the food chain (treatment and recycling of waste in particular)

When we know that the need for food (and therefore water) could double by 2050, it’s time to start to worry and take action!

Buy less
In many cases, we buy more than we actually eat, attracted by the pull of supermarket offers.

To waste less, you also have to buy less. How? By preparing a shopping list and sticking to it in stores, avoiding "shock" promotions that push for overconsumption, by focusing on bulk purchasing, ...

Consume better
To waste less is also to take good habits:

  • Consume in priority perishable products 
  • keep food in sealed containers
  • freeze what can be frozen

Bakers Maison is part of a growing trend in frozen food products with its range of frozen breads, pastries and sweets that are available as fully baked, par-baked, ready to bake and ready to prove. Frozen items can be used as required, with the excess stock retained in the freezer. It also means that there is no such thing as ‘yesterday’s bread’, which eliminates the need for disposal and reduces the impact on the environment.

... and most importantly, recycle!

To avoid discarding food at the end of life or unappetizing leftovers, simply offer them a second life in the form of new recipes: a compote with slightly bruised apples, a gratin with a day’s old baked potatoes, a salad with rice from the day before, ... and many other recipe ideas to say "Hello delicious leftovers, goodbye wasted foods!".

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