What’s with all the cronuts and cruffins? The advent of bakery hybrids.

Cronuts, wonuts, crookies, townies, cruffins, and duffins – it’s like everyone has overbaked their brains! Yet for an industry where the iconic white bread roll and its even-steven sliced loaf counterpart have ruled supreme, it’s great to see such innovative new products coming from bakeries both in Australia and overseas.

And the public aren’t complaining either! Hungry punters are lining up in droves to try the Frankenstein treats.

Bakery Hybrids - CronutMuch of this hybrid hysteria started with the Cronut, a clever croissant-donut creation that launched in New York in 2013. Come 2016, people are still lining up at the Dominique Ansel Bakery about an hour before it opens to collect the gluttonous snack, with the bakery enforcing a strict Two-Cronut per customer limit.

Three years since the cronut’s inception and this baked treat is credited with the current trend of food hybrids that we are witnessing today. According to Eater.com, the environment was ripe for the launch of the Cronut. “The magic propelling the Cronut was that it was the cupcake's perfect opposite, an un-cupcake, an antidote to cupcake fatigue.” 1

Before cronuts, duffins, and wonuts, the idea of hybrid foods was primarily agricultural. Now it refers to the trend of food mash ups – the unification of two popular treats to become one. The concept is not completely new either - just look to the fusion food craze of the early 90s referred to as ‘con-fusion’ by some reminiscent chefs. Indeed, the idea of taking two different dishes and emulsifying them into one is not a new one in the world of food but for the baking industry, this is a time of innovation and delight.

Many of the recent trends in bread and pastry are related to health and convenience. This is one of those trends driven by something completely different - pleasure. These new food hybrids - or mash-ups - are everything that makes food fun and pleasurable – novel and exotic while also being indulgent and premium.

Cake-pops 10 years ago, deep-fried Mars Bars 20 years ago, fried ice-cream 30 years ago – each of these fitted into all categories, and now it’s the bakery hybrid’s turn. The cronut and its contemporary companions are everything food hasn’t been for the last few years – they are decadent, loaded with calories, don’t have any kale or hint of quinoa, and totally over the top and a lot of fun.

Bakery Hybrids - Birthday CroissantBakery Hybrids - Mars BarBakery Hybrids - Cupcake

Bakers and patisseries are in the enviable position to take advantage of the love of the exciting and new experiences to come from a range of hybrid treats. Carb-free, gluten-free, green-only diet trends of the past decades have told consumers to remove bakery items from diet all together. However, this new food trend puts baked treats right back up there with one of the most unstoppable market drivers known to man - deliciousness.

The mash up isn’t new, but it’s certainly taking baked goods to a new height of cool.

To avoid any confusing commentary, the Bakers Maison team have put together a mind map glossary to guide you toward baked hybrid understanding. Enjoy!

Bakers Maisons Mind Map of Hybrid Baked Goods

1. http://www.eater.com/2015/9/14/9322419/cronut-bacon-food-trends

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