Being Transparent

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Successive food scandals have undermined consumer confidence. Now suspicious, customers are expecting from their food suppliers exemplary and honest responses.

The questioning is not new. Australians began to wonder about the content of their plate for the past couple of years. Their questions have continued to grow. What is new in the recipe? is it organic? is it made from imported ingredients? and the list goes on.

Here are a couple of ideas that Bakers Maison has come about on how to reassure and win the trust of its customers:

  • Idea n ° 1: Frankness

Customers ask all the time if the products are organic, if they contain any msg, if they contain enzymes, if they have been boosted with gluten ... And at the same time, we must understand them: they want to know what they are consuming or what they will give to their children. It's human and respectable. The only acceptable reaction for them is that you show humility and sincerity.

  • Idea n ° 2: Expertise

Test your expertise against your customer. Sometimes they know more than you. Consumers are increasingly interested in their food. And to appease their curiosity, they want you to answer them with frankness and precision. Give them grain to grind, talk to them about yeast and Maillard reaction, be sure about the composition of your mixtures. Who knows, this could lead to enriching exchanges?

  • Idea n ° 3: Committed Supplies

What your customers want is quality, proximity and requirement, from start to finish (to packaging). At Bakers Maison sourcing local products is key. The act of giving back to our farmers & suppliers and knowing that our products are Australian made with 90% of our ingredients sourced locally. Several advantages do come from sourcing local products such as costs, safer food supply and adds interest to your brand.

  • Idea n °4: Evidence and Demonstrations

All these efforts would be in vain if they remained hidden. Yes, we do show the labels of our sacks of flour. Yes, we show your skills and explain why. Yes, we do film our production area and broadcast the videos on social networks to remove any ambiguity. Yes, we do invite our suppliers to our open doors to talk about our products with passion. 

In today's society, any secret, any approximation, would be a source of suspicion. And playing with the truth is no longer an option.

In the end, consumer confidence is too precious to ruin everything!

Need information about Bakers Maison, what we value and honour? Contact us via our social media or via email at info@bakersmaison.com.au

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