A keen sense of smell

not so brief history of bread

The smells of fresh bread often bring back as a source of pleasure. This odour seems to hold a special place among culinary smells. How do we interpret this?

Bread is a highly symbolic food, linked to life and to religion. Bread is quintessential, essential and beneficial food. 

Its smell carries it all. It is unanimous because it only provides positive emotions. It reassures and consoles. It brings back to childhood, evokes sharing, family or friends reunions, joyful moments. It is vibrant, lively and beneficial.

Bakers Maison is one such bakery that upholds these memories. Turning any kitchen into a French-style bakery within minutes with the smell of delicious breads or pastries straight out of the oven.

Today, breads are varied and the smells are too. This adds a playful dimension to the olfactory pleasure. If we detect a smell of bread different from what we know, this arouses curiosity and makes you want to taste.

The smell of freshly baked bread & pastries takes on considerable importance today. Scientists are interested in it. They established that smell is closely linked to the area of ​​the brain linked to memory and emotions, hence the evocative power of smell.

Links have been scientifically established between odours and health. We treat it with essential oils. Hospitals are reintroducing scents into their walls to de-stress or to restore appetite. We also know that the smell of food contributes to the feeling of satiety.

If science has evolved, so has society. People have become more aware of smells. It wasn't too long ago that sniffing one’s food was considered rude, incorrect. At the table, it was forbidden for children to do so. Today, on the contrary, we encourage them to recognize the aromas on their plate.

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A (not so) brief history of Bread