The benefits of bread in your daily exercise

 Eating well when practicing sports is essential to keep the quality of your workout high over time. Therefore, what you need is "combustible food", starting with wholemeal or multigrain bread. A true ally of athletes, this raw bread can store a lot of energy for your body.Before training, carbohydrates are what you need the most, because they...
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How to choose your bread according to your dishes?

Bread is an essential part of dining that is found on the table during most meals. Let Bakers Maison guide you in knowing which bread to choose according to your dishes!What bread to eat at breakfast?Sweet and steady to start! Croissants are usually the typical go to bakery goods for breakfast. But traditional wholemeal toast, milk bread, brioche b...
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Are you optimising your takeaway business during COVID-19?

Are you optimising your takeaway business during COVID-19?Online meal delivery has exploded in recent years, so many restaurants have already adopted a strong takeaway & delivery model.Below you will find our best advice for running an (even more) successful takeaway business!Delivery:- Customers who order through online ordering platforms like...
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Sourdough September

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked bread? And what is more delicious than the smell of a freshly baked sourdough loaf? We certainly can’t think of anything better!And neither can the Bakers at Bakers Maison! This is the one month of the year during which sourdough is celebrated, with the colder months making way for the warmer spring days!...
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A keen sense of smell

The smells of fresh bread often bring back as a source of pleasure. This odour seems to hold a special place among culinary smells. How do we interpret this?Bread is a highly symbolic food, linked to life and to religion. Bread is quintessential, essential and beneficial food. Its smell carries it all. It is unanimous because it only provides ...
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A (not so) brief history of Bread

At Bakers Maison, our knowledge of bread making with traditional techniques has been our business center point, with of course a strong focus on customer service. But we also love to explore our heritage and boy did we learn a thing or two about our beloved Breads!The great history of bread begins in prehistoric times, at the end of the Upper Paleo...
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Stale Attitude

Winter is here! And with most of the population running out of ideas and items to use whilst cooking we’re putting your pantry to work with these recipes using bread!Repurpose a loaf or two of sandwich bread into a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner that is sure to satisfy. Here are our top 5 repurpose bread recipes:1. Grilled Cheese & T...
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Food Waste: We say STOP!

Bread, fruits, vegetables, meat ... Every day, consumable products are thrown in the garbage, a total average of 20 kilos per year. At a time when the government and actors in the food chain go to war against food waste, it is decided: we too, say stop!To waste less, why is it necessary?Waste presents environmental, ethical and economic issues that...
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New Sourdough Range

Bakers Maison has introduced two new sliced breads – a Sourdough Multigrain seed loaf and a Sourdough German Rye loaf, that joins the extensive Sliced Cafe Loaf range.The new Multigrain seed and German Rye are both fully baked, sliced and then snap frozen, ready for sale to the foodservice industry, destined for cafes, restaurants, airline kitchens...
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How To Maintain Fresh Bread

The shelf life varies from one type of bread to another. Here’s a couple of tips and trick to get the best from your loaves of bread!For your typical thin Baguette style loaves, it’s at it’s best for 6 hours. The baguette is a "Have it now" loaf to consume fairly quickly. You can enjoy its crunchy crust and soft mellow inside within 6 hours after p...
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Millennials are Demanding More

Australia’s Millennial generation is fast gaining a reputation as a cohort that is demanding more from society, government and itself, and companies like Bakers Maison, a leading bakery supplier, is sitting up and taking notice.There are some conjecture about the exact years the Millennial generation spans, but most agree it includes people born fr...
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For The Love Of Bread

People and bread, a beautiful love story that has been going on for years. Bread occupies a predominant place on our tables, it is even inseparable from our daily lives as of 1 in 2 Australians confesses not to be able to do without it. 95% of consumers are satisfied with the bread they buy, so no way to do without it. It must be said that the...
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Bread - Friend or Foe?

Mixed messages are noticed when asked about the role of bread and its nutritional benefits. This is the result of a new study by the CSA (Consumer Science & Analytics) Institute that shows a strong ignorance of the population about the nutritional contributions and realities of bread. The bread observatory warns of the perverse effects of this ...
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Rise of the Croissant

In typical French tradition, a day's old croissant is more often than not turned into a brand new sugared almond croissant by adding a layer of frangipane, sprinkling with confectioner's sugar, and re-baked.  This tradition and the excitement of on-the-go consumers have pushed Bakers Maison to developed a Croissant range that caters to th...
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Being Transparent

Successive food scandals have undermined consumer confidence. Now suspicious, customers are expecting from their food suppliers exemplary and honest responses.The questioning is not new. Australians began to wonder about the content of their plate for the past couple of years. Their questions have continued to grow. What is new in the recipe? is it...
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Meal Kits On The Rise

What are Meal Kits?Meal kits contain pre-portioned ingredients and recipe instructions for a complete meal, that shoppers prepare and cook themselves. Meal kits are a small category with big potential. During the past eight months, the number of Australianhouseholds who have made a HelloFresh and Marley Spoon purchase was 1.5% of total househo...
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How has Croissants & coffee become embedded in Australians habits?

Coffee has buzzed its way in the heart of Australians: polls show that it is their favourite drink, just after water. But how has coffee become such an important drink in our Australian culture?Around 93% of Australians are gourmands who like to enjoy a croissant or a sweet treat with their coffee.So how was coffee introduced in Australia?According...
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Going Green - On the way to 'baking' a better world

Going green means caring for the environment by making a deliberate effort to be part of the change. It is about limiting your footprint on the environment and also encouraging others to follow your example. However, note that going green is not limited to recycling, but living a sustainable lifestyle. Going green is about making small adjustments ...
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Digging deeper into Country of Origin labelling

three wise
grown australia
produced in aus
In our previous blog The impact and benefits of being local, we touched on Australia’s new Country of Origin labelling requirements introduced on July 1, 2018. In this blog we delve deeper in to what the labels mean and the effect they are having on food producers and the foodservice industry.On July 1, 2016 the Australian government introduced a n...
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The impact and benefits of being local

Do you know where your food comes from? Do the terms ‘sustainable farming’ or ‘ethically and responsibly sourced’ mean anything to you? Do your customers care about any of this, or is price the most important thing to them?Over the past decade the food and agriculture industry has undergone major change. That’s no surprise considering the impact of...
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