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“This GF Sourdough Loaf brings a classic sandwich style for all to enjoy. Carrying a soft but full bodied crumb, this sliced loaf is perfect for a sandwich of any description.”

For a loaf of bread that doesn’t have any gluten, this thing looks good! A hard crust! Serious weight! Doesn’t look like a sponge cake! Toasted and smeared with crushed avo (is there any other way to eat sourdough?) it exceeded expectations, and could even pass for regular bread.
Posted By: Erin Cook, Writer
Article, Cosmopolitan Magazine
Just Poppy's is a traditional Burger Joint!
For years we have juggled with consistency, texture, and waste as major issues Bakers Maison have nailed all our issues with the frozen concept.
Fantastic for us, we now have all of the above covered with an "A" Class product.
Thanks Bakers Maison!
Posted By: Mark & Poppy, Just Poppy's
Brisbane, QLD
I have been in the hospitality industry for the past 25 years in different capacities and have seen most food fads and fashions come and go. But I am prompted by the excellent products we have been using for the past five years to write this testimonial. We are a boutique resort with just sixteen rooms but size doesn’t have to relate to quality as we try to offer our guest the freshest and highest grade products available, which is why we use the Bakers Maison Croissants. Freshly baked they stand against any patisserie. Thanks again for a great product.
Posted By: Rodney Forsythe, Manager
Noonaweena, QLD
Boulangerie de France is a company characterized by the French passion and philosophy that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Bread is a symbol of life in France, it is a noble product and the food of life. We as a company have been proud to associate our good name with Bakers Maison due to their philosophy of following French tradition and using only natural ingredients and the breads own natural process. This means we can confidently sell breads that are 100% nutritious, with no fat, sugar or preservatives. When anyone tears into the bread we bake supplied by Bakers Maison they will discover their passion and ours for authentic French bread that is steeped in centuries of tradition. C’est Magnifique!
Posted By: Erik Thorup
Boulangerie de France, Sydney, NSW
Bakers Maison Butter Croissants are the best on the market
Posted By: Simon Davies, Owner
Davies Bakery, Tarragindi, QLD
I have been using Bakers products for a number of years and been happy with the consistency in both size and texture. My customers pass comments regularly about how good the bread is.
Posted By: Vicki
Cafe Buzz Port Macquarie, Sydney, NSW
Bakers Maison have consistently supplied an excellent product that is only matched by their great service. The care taken to communicate with their customers and make a good product shines through in the quality and taste in each bite.
Posted By: Phil Steynberg, Production Manager
Pasta Pantry, Kirrawee, NSW
I am really happy with Bakers Maison product quality and range. I used the product constantly for the last 15 months and I have not had one single complaint about the quality. In my opinion the product is of a very high standard and if in a similar position I would use the product in my kitchens again.
Posted By: Gerhard Zitzenbacher, Executive Chef
Novotel Forest Resort, Creswick, VIC
Café Lélunar prides itself on our quality of product and service to deliver the best dining experience to our customers. Therefore we are very particular about choosing the right suppliers, as bread forms the basis for most of the food we serve, we are even more fussy about choosing the highest quality bread.
Prior to opening our café in September 2012, we have tested many different bread suppliers, we finally settled on Bakers Maison, not only do they provide the finest quality bread that matches our requirements, their friendly sales staff is second to none providing expert advice on their fantastic range of products and keeping us in the loop with any new products to be released.
We would highly recommend Bakers Maison products to any restaurants or cafés.
Keep up the good work!
Posted By: David, Manager
Café Lélunar, NSW
I have been using Bakers Maison products at my restaurant for the last 12 months and would heartily recommend them for both their quality and consistency!
Posted By: Andrew Woods, Head Chef
Royal Melbourne Hotel, VIC

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