The Bread Board

The Bread Board

The stone bake range

History is marked with momentous occasions, inventions and innovations.  Stretches of time are often divided by the tools and materials used. In a time of growing agricultural and societal organization, the Stone Age was much more than the use of rocks as a weapon – it set the stage for our evolutionary journey - one that still has a long and exciting way to go.

But most importantly for us, bread was invented.

Since that ingenious moment some 30,000 years ago when the ingredients of ground wheat and water were unified and yeasts were given new life then exposed to the residual heat of an open flame, humans have been creating nourishment for one another.

Of course, technologies have come a long way since then, however we still pursue those same heart-warming flavours of stone baked bread. It with this overspun description that we hope you understand our excitement to introduce the Bakers Maison Stone Bake range, a new range of fully baked breads from our traditional-style stone oven.

Now we wouldn’t compare our frozen par baked and fully baked bread products to the invention of the wheel or development of agriculture, we just hope they can help to bring people together!

Created in our newly acquired Stone Bake Oven, we have three beauties to get your mouth-fires burning!


Pain au Levain FHP 5686

Pain au Levain. Taking its name from the French term for sourdough, these gorgeous loaves carry all the characteristics of the English translation. A subtle earthiness from the stone oven is nicely balanced by the famous sweet-nutty flavor of a traditional sourdough with a little acidity in the back of the palate for good measure. Set to be another popular addition to the Bakers Maison range of wholesale fully baked frozen breads, we would recommend slicing this fresh baked beauty nice and thick to serve with poached eggs and avocado.


Pain de Campagne FHP 5672

Next off the peel, is the Pain de Campagne. A staple of rural France, Pain de Campagne is created by the mixture of wholemeal and white flours to create a hybrid mother yeast. The result is a large, hearty loaf with a classic, full-bodied crumb. The Pain de Campagne is sometimes referred to as the people’s bread and rightly so – if you like bread, then chances are you will love Pain de Campagne. One might expect one of these well-rounded loaves to be the genesis of an incredible ham sandwich or Croque Monsieur.


Baguette Rustic FHP 5701

The third installment in the Bakers Maison Stone Bake range is the Rustic Sourdough Baguette. A beautifully-shaped artisan baguette that brings with it the tasty complexity of a sourdough. A great companion to any winter warmers or a mezze platter, as it can be sliced on the diagonal or ripped apart piece by piece and paired with an assortment of delicious dips and small goods from the local deli.

These are just three of the upcoming products that will make up our Stone Bake range. All items are now available so be sure to check our Distributors page for your nearest outlet. Bakers Maison was founded on the idea that everyone should be able to bake fresh bread without the hassle of a bakery operation, so these products come to you flash frozen and ready to thaw. Serve them fresh from the oven!

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