The Bread Board

The Bread Board

On bread: simple suggestions that our staff love

It is no trade secret that Bakers Maison par baked and fully baked breads have been made with the same authentic French recipe since 1998. In fact, very little has changed except for the quantity of our batches as we continue to supply the chefs and cooks of Australia with the ability to give their customers freshly baked bread, every day. But, we are not closed to the idea of a new recipe at all and each chance we get we are trying to think of something else that we could couple with our products to create something extra delicious.

Sometimes the simplest of partnerships can be the best. Like a good quality butter smeared generously across a steaming pillow of fresh baked sour dough, or the outstandingly tasty combination of a top shelf extra virgin olive oil with it’s subtle, fruit and earth complexities lovingly drowning a crusty chunk of our artisan baguette. Such easy to create flavours are often tied to key points in your taste buds’ history, from ages both young and old – after all food is about the memories that it creates.

With this in mind we have compiled a couple of our team’s most loved and simple dishes, all with a single key ingredient in common – Bakers Maison bread.


Whilst bruschetta is synonymous with Italian food, it most certainly has been enjoyed on French bread. The history of this simple and effective little appetizer stems back to the olive farmers of ancient Rome grilling pieces of bread of coals to sample their freshly pressed olive oils. Nowadays, you will find it in most trattorias and cafés that appreciate the simplicity of fresh ingredients on a toasted slice of Bakers Maison bread.


A truly French meal enjoyed by country men and women, sees two slices of bread filled with ham and cheese which is then fried or grilled, at the behest of the Chef, until the cheese has melted over the edges. There are many reiterations of this favoured French sandwich, with some calling for the use of the cheesy Mornay mother sauce and many for a smearing of Dijon mustard. However, one thing seems to remain in common – delicious!

Avocado on toasted sour dough

It is almost too obvious to say and may even meander into the territory of our bruschetta entry, yet it is a clear standout out for our Australian team members. Enjoyed as a nationwide staple of city-side café goers, the recipe calls for stringent round of squeeze testing for the avocado before it is generously lathered over a chunky slice of golden toasted Bakers Maison sour dough. Some swear by a squeeze of lemon while others recommend a smudge of vegemite go on before the avo. Either, either – let’s eat!

We would love to hear about the recipes you are using Bakers Maison products for! Send your recipes with (or without) photos to for the chance to have it published on our website!

Croutons to accentuate those winter meals

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