As a specialist manufacturer of French style breads, pastries and sweets, the superior quality and flexibility of our frozen products can turn any kitchen into a French bakery in minutes. 



Baked goods for every meal


Our fully baked products are completely finished and snap frozen. These products can be served in two ways; defrosting for 20-60 minutes (depending on the size of the product) or heating for 5-10 minutes to get heat throughout the product.

Fully Baked


Our par-baked products are mostly finished, but require some oven time to complete the product and provide the beautiful golden colour.

Par Baked


Ready to Bake is perfect for those wanting the alluring aromas of baked croissants wafting throughout their premises. Pre-proved and ready for the oven, add your own colour and serve.

Ready to Bake

lunch dinner

Ready to Prove products simply mean we give you the opportunity to own more of the baking process, by removing some steps on our end. We highly recommend the use of a prover for perfection before you bake this product.

Ready to Prove

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