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Sustainability and Environment

Our long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility starts with green initiatives and responsible environmental management practices and policies and extends to human rights, ethical sourcing, animal welfare and adhering to mandated standards around producing packaging, country of origin labelling, and genetically modified foods. Continue reading to find out more about corporate social responsibility at Bakers Maison.


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The smells of fresh bread often bring back as a source of pleasure. This odour seems to hold a special place among culinary smells. How do we interpret this?Bread is a highly symbolic food, linked to life and to religion. Bread is quintessential, essential and beneficial food. Its smell carries...
At Bakers Maison, our knowledge of bread making with traditional techniques has been our business center point, with of course a strong focus on customer service. But we also love to explore our heritage and boy did we learn a thing or two about our beloved Breads!The great history of bread begins i...

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