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Our long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility starts with green initiatives and responsible environmental management practices and policies and extends to human rights, ethical sourcing, animal welfare and adhering to mandated standards around producing packaging, country of origin labelling, and genetically modified foods. Continue reading to find out more about corporate social responsibility at Bakers Maison.


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 Eating well when practicing sports is essential to keep the quality of your workout high over time. Therefore, what you need is "combustible food", starting with wholemeal or multigrain bread. A true ally of athletes, this raw bread can store a lot of energy for your body.Before training, carb...
Bread is an essential part of dining that is found on the table during most meals. Let Bakers Maison guide you in knowing which bread to choose according to your dishes!What bread to eat at breakfast?Sweet and steady to start! Croissants are usually the typical go to bakery goods for breakfast. But ...

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